Payroll Tax Problems in Tacoma

The tax specialists at Digital Accounting & Tax Services LLC perform thorough payroll services and handle all related tax responsibilities for businesses of all sizes in the area.

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Full-Service Payroll Outsourcing

Our payroll tax services eliminate discrepancies and are fully compliant with tax law. We can help you with:

  • Calculation and timely deposit of payroll taxes
  • Deduction and remittance of employee benefits
  • Accurate tax summary statements
  • Prompt response and resolution to tax agency inquiries
  • New hire report submission
  • And much more!

Common Payroll Tax Problems

Businesses across all industries are subject to payroll tax policy. Mistakes, whether intentional or not, can cause businesses and employees lost hours of productivity, unnecessary stress, as well as hefty fines and penalties. Some of the issues we commonly assist our clients in navigating are:

  • Failure to withhold or pay federal taxes
  • Late payment of payroll taxes
  • Incorrect form submissions

If you are dealing with one of the above payroll issues, schedule a consultation with our professional tax experts. We’ll help you find a practical solution that works for your business.

Personalized Solutions for Payroll Issues

We’re committed to providing personalized support for our clients. That’s why before we begin any paperwork, we’ll sit down with you for a comprehensive consultation. We’ll go through your current financial situation with you in-depth, explaining your obligations and the complicated fine print along the way. We’ll offer you our expert advice on the most practical courses of action to rectify your problems. Then, when we have a clear strategy, we’ll assist you in executing that plan to a tee.

Digital Accounting & Tax Services LLC’s Payroll Solutions

Our tax professionals have a successful track record for identifying and rectifying payroll problems on both a small and large scale. All payroll problems have solutions at our firm. We have a stacked team of experienced tax specialists ready to help businesses of every size deal with their payroll issues head-on. We have services and information that can help with payroll tax problems, tax debt management, and more.

We care about the financial health of your business because healthy companies build healthy communities. You can count on our team to handle your sensitive information with complete confidentially, tact, and professionalism. We’ll work relentlessly to adjust your financial situation so that it is compliant to tax law through and through. We can even serve as your representative when dealing with tax authorities. We’re here to help you through any payroll problem—no matter how big or how small.

Experienced Payroll Specialists

Our team is made up of certified professionals with years of education, training, and experience. Beyond that, our payroll specialists stay continually up to date with new payroll tax policy, so you can always be sure your payroll system will meet government deadlines, avoid costly fines and penalties, and reduce your administrative burden.

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Whether you need assistance navigating payroll tax or tax debt management, our specialists will procure effective payroll solutions for your business. Contact us today to book an appointment.