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At Digital Accounting & Tax Services LLC we know that people encounter tax problems for all sorts of reasons. Our qualified and experienced tax professionals have provided tax relief solutions to people from all backgrounds and professions.

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Trust the Experts at Digital Accounting & Tax Services LLC to Help Solve Your Tax Problems

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make preparing to file their taxes is trusting the wrong tax preparer. Fraudulent returns and other tax crimes is a booming underground market in itself, and every year too many Americans are taken fir a ride by incompetent or downright dirty tax preparers who make mistakes, give false information, commit fraud in their name, or run away with refund money.

It’s impossible to provide an accurate refund assessment without having all the information, so it’s important to be skeptical of tax “professionals” who claim to be able to give a quote before they have all the information.

Hire Us for Tax Relief Help and Take the Stress Out of Taxes for Good

We know the stress that comes every tax season. With so many possible pitfalls to avoid, the process of filing can be a real nightmare. However, with a little planning, and help from the right highly trained professionals, every American can pass through tax season with as little stress as possible.

Sources show that one quarter of Americans experience significant stress and frustration every tax season, and as everyone who has ever filed their taxes alone will tell you, that statistic would be much higher if it weren’t for trained help.

Some of the Most Common Tax Problems We Can Help With

1. Not filing on time. A significant portion of Americans don’t file their taxes on time, with the IRS putting the estimate at somewhere around 20%. Filing your taxes late can lead to penalties, which depending on your income can range from a significant dent in your return, or in some cases the financial ruin of your business. A related problem is not filing your tax return at all, which can cause even more stressful tax problems. It’s not an uncommon problem to not be able to pay your taxes in full, and even if you find yourself having tax debt problems, our team of professionals can provide tax relief help that suits your specific needs.

2. Math mistakes and improperly filled out forms. A tax form can look like gibberish to the untrained eye. Our team is trained to work through this with precision and speed.

3. A lack of education about the most recent changes to tax law. The law and policies of tax filing move and shift almost every year, and it’s impractical to assume that every American has the time or resources to keep up to date. Luckily for you, it is our team’s job to stay informed about all the latest information, so you can spend your time planning how to use your return.

4. Getting overwhelmed. Too many Americans get overwhelmed about tax problems. The hassle and stress of dealing with your tax problems yourself simply isn’t worth it. Don’t let the complicated and time-consuming stress of tax season take away from time focusing on your business, family, or personal happiness.

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Handling tax problems with efficiency, precision, and excellent customer service is what we do. Contact us now to get started!

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